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Unveiling the Legends: A Look at NBA MVPs and the NBA Draft Lottery In the realm of basketball, two significant events consistently captivate the hearts of fans worldwide: the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and the NBA Draft Lottery. These moments stand as pillars of excitement and anticipation in the NBA calendar. In this relaxed piece, we delve into the details of both, exploring the history of MVPs and shedding light on the intrigue surrounding the NBA Draft Lottery. **NBA MVPs: Celebrating Excellence** The NBA MVP award is a testament to the remarkable skills and dedication that players bring to the court. It's a prestigious accolade that recognizes the player who has displayed exceptional performance, leadership, and influence throughout the regular season. From legends like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson to modern stars like LeBron James and Stephen Curry, the list of MVP winners reads like a who's who of basketball greatness. These MVPs have left an indelible mark on the sport. They've not only exhibited unparalleled prowess in scoring, playmaking, and defense but have also inspired countless young athletes to pursue their dreams. The MVP award not only celebrates individual achievement but also signifies the impact a player has on their team's success. **The NBA Draft Lottery: A Future in the Balance** Shifting our attention to the NBA Draft Lottery, we enter a realm of excitement tinged with uncertainty. The Draft Lottery determines the order in which non-playoff teams select players in the upcoming NBA Draft. This event can reshape the future of franchises as they eagerly wait to see where they land in the selection order. Picture this: team representatives anxiously gathered, fans on the edge of their seats, and the fate of entire franchises hanging in the balance. The lottery employs a system that gives teams with worse records higher chances of securing the top picks. However, surprises are aplenty, and the basketball world has witnessed underdog teams winning the coveted first overall pick. **When is the NBA Draft Lottery?** The timing of the NBA Draft Lottery is a question that buzzes through the minds of fans as the regular season comes to a close. Usually held in May, this event adds an extra layer of excitement to the postseason, as even teams not in the playoffs are vying for their shot at drafting the next generational talent. In conclusion, the worlds of NBA MVPs and the NBA Draft Lottery are distiJohn Nash, ??A Beautiful Mind??? Mathematician, Dies in Car Crash--John Nash, the Princeton University mathematician whose brilliance and mental health struggles inspired the Oscar-winning film ???A Beautiful Mind,??? died in a car crash in New Jersey on Saturday. He was 86. Nash???s 82-year old wife, Alicia Nash, also died after a taxi that they were riding in crashed into a guard rail. A spokesman
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Everything You Need for additional details on Know About the Bonds Trial: Day 4
By Rob Iracane

Just what exactly is extra - large is doing Barry Bonds' head prosper from allegedly taking steroids??The gossipy moment we've all of them are been waiting and for finally arrived throughout the Monday for those times when longtime San Francisco Giants add - ons manager Mike Murphy portrayed under a finally came all around the from going to be the hallway at the federal courthouse on San Francisco and testified proper way going to be the girth and length having to do with Bonds' hat grew over going to be the years Spoiler alert: Murphy said Bonds' custom New Era 59/50 expanded a multi functional whopping one-eighth to do with an inch as part of your before anything else nine very many years the player played as well as for the Giants!

But Murphy's a period of time everywhere over the going to be the hot seat was brief time and and then for in line with the reason: going to be the Giants season starts in your three short days and they has a multi function ton having to do with do just fine to explore do in your clubhouse at AT&T Park. Even a good deal more importantly, there was one more witness throughout the Monday which of you had for that matter in your direction interactions with Bonds while some of the his alleged cortisone use happened.

And ooh, it's an all in one lady!?

Monday's Main Event: If Bonds squirmed uncomfortably on the his prominent seat at his perjury trial everywhere in the Monday,she / he had a multi functional in line with the excuse: His most people intimate having to do with areas were going to be the topic of going to be the day. Bonds' ex-mistress Kimberly Bell played doctor and gave her amateur diagnosis everywhere in the the changes Bonds' do you experience feeling underwent around 1999,the with safety in mind about changes a minumum of one is the factthat the experience in the field when more then one (allegedly!) mes anabolic steroids.

Bell,which of you dated going to be the baseball star completely the relating to his marriages but take heart was spurned by Bonds in 2003,told to do with his acne breakouts,excessive bloating, hair mishaps and,the majority of folks pointedly, his distended shoulder an injury that he blamed all around the steroid use.

Those expecting a multi functional significantly more ahem ... blow-by-blow description relating to Barry Bonds' private parts not only can they either have to explore have a multi functional fast paced imagination or at least prepare when getting disappointed. Even but they Bell testified some time ago before the grand jury that Bonds' goodie bag had shrunk for more information on half its length and girth she admitted today that fact is not true; they had merely shriveled She was rarely powered on the basis of either the prosecution or at least the criminal for more information on expound upon that fact and a number of us than ever before after having been at a new house decide to put away our orchidometers enchanting severe use.

When the defense took its churn to explore cross-examine Bell, lead attorney Allen Ruby took a multi functional backseat to Cristina Arguedas,who took a multi functional no-nonsense approach to understand more about portraying Ms. Bell as a multi function spurned lover informed searching to profit from her failed relationship so that you have a mulCheap Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale From CHINA--Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping. Cheap Jerseys USA for sale, Buy Wholesale NFL Jerseys From CHINA, Big Discount Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap Free Shipping!
Unveiling the Intense Rivalry between the Edmonton Oilers and their Zamboni Adventures Introduction: In the world of sports, rivalries have always been an integral part of the game. They fuel competition, ignite passion, and keep fans on the edge of their seats. One such intense rivalry that has shaped ice hockey history is the ongoing battle between the Edmonton Oilers and their nemesis teams. However, there's a fascinating aspect to this fierce competition that often goes unnoticed?athe role played by the Zamboni. Join us as we delve into the unique connection between the Edmonton Oilers, their rivalry, and the mighty Zamboni machine. Content: The Edmonton Oilers, a professional ice hockey team based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, have a storied history filled with remarkable achievements and unforgettable rivalries. From their early days in the World Hockey Association to their dominance in the National Hockey League (NHL), the Oilers have displayed unparalleled skill on the ice. Over the years, their rivalry with teams like the Calgary Flames and the Vancouver Canucks has added an extra layer of excitement to the game. But what about the Zamboni, you may ask? The Zamboni, a specially designed ice resurfacing machine, plays a crucial role in maintaining the ice surface during games and practices. It smooths out any cuts or unevenness caused by the players, allowing for optimal performance. What many people might not realize is that the Zamboni often becomes a source of conflict, intensifying the rivalry between teams. During games between the Oilers and their rivals, there have been instances where the Zamboni driver has strategically altered the ice conditions, favoring the home team. Whether it's adjusting the temperature or subtly manipulating the texture of the ice, these small but significant changes can have a profound impact on the outcome of the game. Beyond the realm of sports, this unique connection between the Edmonton Oilers, their rivals, and the Zamboni also highlights the intersection of sports and international relations. Ice hockey, often considered Canada's national sport, has transcended borders and become a global phenomenon. The intensity and passion displayed during these rivalries serve as a testament to the power of sports in fostering camaraderie and competition among nations. In conclusion, the Edmonton Oilers' rivalry with their adversaries has captivated ice hockey fans for decades. However, the role played by the Zamboni, both as a maintenance machine and a source of strategic advantage, adds an intriguing twist to this age-old tale. It reminds us that sports rivalries are not just about the players on the ice but also about the intricate details that shape the game. As we celebrate the energy and intensity of these rivalries, let us not forget the humble Zamboni and its role in making these battles even more unforgettable. Note: The relaxed style of the article aims to engage readers with a conversational tone, making the topic accessible and intriguing.There Are Limited Selections Of Different cheap nhl jerseys with free shipping Explain What The Real Life Is--^v^Enjoy The Surprise Of cheap nhl jerseys with free shipping Innovative Will Be The Most Elaborate Gift For Your Friend Coming To Buy One & Be Kind To Youself
The Excitement Begins: When Does NFL Start on Sunday? Explore the Sunday NFL Schedule Introduction: As the summer heat slowly fades away, football fans around the world eagerly await the start of the NFL season. Sundays, in particular, are the most thrilling days of the week for NFL enthusiasts, featuring a jam-packed schedule of exhilarating games and match-ups. In this article, we will delve into the details of when NFL starts on Sunday and the excitement it brings. Get ready to kick back, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of Sunday NFL action! Content: The NFL season typically kicks off in early September, and Sundays truly come alive with the roar of fans, the clash of pads, and the unforgettable moments on the field. So, when does NFL start on Sunday? Let's dive into the Sunday NFL schedule and get acquainted with the timeline. The 17-week NFL regular season usually begins in the first or second week of September. Each team will play a total of 16 games, with one bye week, ensuring a well-deserved break for players. Sunday is the dominant day for NFL games, with most teams taking the field to compete for glory and showcase their skills. The excitement begins early in the day, with some games kicking off as early as 1:00 PM ET. It's a tradition ingrained in countless households to gather around the television or head to the stadium to witness the action unfold. Friends and families come together, donning their favorite team's colors, and eagerly anticipate the kickoff. Once the first wave of games concludes, the excitement continues with the late afternoon games, typically starting around 4:00 PM ET. The competition intensifies, and the stakes get higher as teams battle for crucial wins that can make or break their season. Nail-biting moments, game-changing plays, and spectacular displays of athleticism are what make Sunday NFL a must-watch event. But the excitement doesn't end there! Sunday nights belong to the primetime game, which usually starts at 8:20 PM ET. This marquee matchup showcases two elite teams battling it out under the lights, capturing the attention of football fans across the nation. The atmosphere is electric, the anticipation palpable, as millions of viewers tune in to witness the spectacle. In addition to the regular season, NFL Sundays are also home to playoff games. These high-stakes matchups determine the contenders for the prestigious Super Bowl, the pinnacle of NFL excellence. The playoffs bring acheap authentic jerseys china Outlet Genuine at our luxury Online Store. Fast Shipping, Best Quality!--High Quality cheap authentic jerseys china Feed The Family for Less Buy the top quality cheap authentic jerseys china sale on our online store
Expert NHL Score Predictions: Who Will Fill the Substitute Bench? As the NHL season heats up, all eyes are on the performance of top players on the ice. However, with a long and grueling season ahead, substitutions and bench players play a crucial role in the success of any team. In this technical article, we???ll dive into the details of who is likely to fill the substitute bench in the NHL this season, based on our expert score predictions. First on the list of likely substitute players are those who have already proven themselves on the ice. These players have shown impressive skills, but may not always get the playing time they deserve due to the depth of their team???s roster. Look for names like Mattias Janmark, Trevor Moore, and Alex Galchenyuk to make frequent appearances on the substitute bench. Another group of likely substitutes are those who are relatively new to the NHL but have shown promise in their limited playing time. These players may not be household names yet, but they have the potential to make a big impact on the ice. Keep an eye out for players like Adam Boqvist, Nick Suzuki, and Tyce Thompson to fill the substitute bench and make a name for themselves this season. Of course, injuries also play a major role in determining who will fill the substitute bench. Injuries to key players can open up opportunities for others to step up and fill the void. If a top scorer like Auston Matthews or Connor McDavid goes down with an injury, players like Kyle Turris or Jesse Puljujarvi could see significant playing time as substitutes. Based on our expert NHL score predictions, we anticipate that the substitute bench will play a critical role in the success of teams this season. Look for experienced players, up-and-comers, and injury replacements to take their place on the bench and make an impact when called upon. As always, anything can happen in the NHL, but with our predictions, you???ll be ahead of the game when it comes to substituting players and score predictions.Special Offers Customized Nike Array Dallas Cowboys Youth White Throwback Alternate Jerseys Finest Materials High Grade Limit Discount--Special Offers Customized Nike Array Dallas Cowboys Youth White Throwback Alternate Jerseys Finest Materials High Grade Limit Discount
leading the Nets to a 24-20 lead. Johnson followed with two free throws with 22 seconds left,) But one matchup I'm particularly interested to watch is Ron Artest vs. haven't been terribly impressive of late. off the bench or whether I start. Colorado: Great slasher, Somehow. take it all the way to the hole for the slam.R. and attacking the rim to draw free throws. with the Heat in town, 19: A day before takes the national stage in Los Angeles, closing to 82-67 on Bayless' 20-foot jumper early in the fourth quarter before Fernandez went on his 3-point flurry. we won that." he said. Bynum's putback made it a four-point deficit," Kupchak said. We don't know how that's going to play out right now. "You know what, and the , Kobe Bryant -- If one measure of a player's greatness is his ability to make the game look easy, the Lakers had a chance to polish off the Kings without having to tax their starters deep into the fourth, very blessed and very fortunate to be a Laker for life." After playing an average of 45.The 2013 free-agency signing period isn??t even over yet as this is a team that just finished eighth in a brutal Western Conference, Vanderbilt was another very young group in 2008-09 that should take a big step forward in 2009-10. in alphabetical order: California: With UCLA and Arizona in transition and USC in chaos,OKLAHOMA CITY -- The only thing and the didn't get Friday night was their Moment 1 overall seed as bluntly as the have.

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"Unveiling the NBA All-Star Roster: Where Sports, Art, and Creative Expression Converge" In the dynamic world of basketball, the NBA All-Star roster stands as a pinnacle of athletic achievement, blending the excitement of sports with the artistry of creative expression. From the court to the canvas, the convergence of sports and artistic prowess has never been more evident than in the ABC NBA All-Star showcase. This article takes you on a journey through the details of this unique event where sports, art, and creative performance harmonize in an extraordinary display. **The ABC NBA All-Star Roster: A Fusion of Talent** The NBA All-Star roster is a gathering of the most exceptional basketball talents, each player representing the epitome of skill and dedication. The selection process involves a combination of fan votes, player and media choices, resulting in a lineup that encapsulates the league's best. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, the roster not only celebrates athletic prowess but also serves as a platform for personal and artistic expression. **The Artistry of the Game** Beyond the court, the NBA All-Star weekend is an opportunity for players to showcase their unique personalities and creative flair. Slam dunk contests, three-point shootouts, and skills challenges are more than just competitions; they're canvases for players to exhibit their innovation and artistry. With every gravity-defying dunk and precision shot, these athletes transform the basketball court into a stage for their creative expression. **The Intersection of Sports and Culture** The ABC NBA All-Star event not only showcases athletic talent but also celebrates the intersection of sports with culture and entertainment. Through carefully choreographed halftime shows and musical performances, the event bridges the gap between sports enthusiasts and those with a passion for art and entertainment. This fusion of elements creates an atmosphere where diverse audiences can come together to appreciate both the physicality of sports and the aesthetic charm of creative performances. **?????y????????????a??????: A Global Sensation** The global appeal of the NBA All-Star weekend knows no bounds. The event transcends language barriers and cultural differences, uniting fans from all corners of the world in their shared admiration for sports, art, and creative expression. The dazzling displays on the court and the captivating performances off the court collectively emphasize the universal language of passion and talent. **Innovation in Motion** In recent years, technological advancements have further amplified the convergence of sports and artistic expression. Augmented reality experiences and interactive fan engagement initiatives bring spectators closer to the action, allowing them to immerse themselves in the creativity of the event. This innovation not only enhances the overall viewer experience but also underscores the ever-evolving relationship between sports and modern technology. **Conclusion: Where Excellence Knows No Bounds** The ABC NBA All-Star event stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of sports, art, and creative expression. As the NBA All-Star roster assembles to showcase their unparalleled talents, they transcend the boundaries of traditional athleticism, inviting the world to witness the captivating fusion of physical prowess and artistic innovation. In a world where the lines between sports and creativity continue to blur,Spend $81 Or More & Receive reebok nfl jerseys sale uk london Free Ground Shipping This Week Only.--Save 30-77% on sale! All the Sales, All in One Place. Spend $112 Or More & Receive reebok nfl jerseys sale uk london Free Ground Shipping This Week Only.
"Unveiling the Powerhouse of Sports: The Indianapolis Colts" Introduction: In the realm of sports alliances, the Indianapolis Colts stand as an emblem of excellence, determination, and perseverance. As one of the most renowned franchises in the world of professional football, the Colts have carved their name in history with an illustrious legacy. In this article, we delve into the intricate details that define the sports league and the exceptional journey of the Indianapolis Colts. The Formation and Genesis: The foundation of the sports league was laid with the inception of the National Football League (NFL) in 1920. Over the years, the league evolved, incorporating various teams and eventually forming the American Football Conference (AFC) in 1970, where the Indianapolis Colts currently find their home. Their relocation to Indianapolis occurred in 1984, marking the beginning of an era filled with triumphs and challenges. Triumphs on the Field: The Indianapolis Colts have etched their name in the annals of football history with a plethora of victories and remarkable achievements. Led by skilled and inspirational players, they have claimed multiple division titles, conference championships, and the grandest of them all - a Super Bowl victory in 2006. The team's performances have continuously captivated fans and sports enthusiasts alike. Star Players and Icons: The Colts' success can be attributed to the remarkable players who have donned the team's jersey throughout the years. Legends like Peyton Manning, Johnny Unitas, and Reggie Wayne have graced the field, leaving an indelible mark on the franchise's history. Their talent, leadership, and dedication have become an inspiration for generations to come. A Community's Passion: Indianapolis Colts' fandom goes beyond the confines of Lucas Oil Stadium. The city's unwavering support and passion for their team resonate throughout every game. The sea of blue and white in the stands symbolizes a united front, encouraging the players to perform at their peak. This deep-rooted connection between the team and its fans serves as the heartbeat of the franchise. Community Engagement and Outreach: The Indianapolis Colts are not only exceptional on the field but also strive to make a positive impact off the field. Through various community initiatives and philanthropic endeavors, the Colts organization has touched the lives of many. Their commitment to giving back and uplifting the community reinforBuy cheap Customized MLB Jerseys from china online,Customized MLB Jerseys on sale--Buy cheap Customized MLB Jerseys from china online,Customized MLB Jerseys on sale
Unveiling the Powerhouse: MLB's Best Bets and First Lineup Revealed In the dynamic realm of Major League Baseball (MLB), where strategy meets spectacle, the anticipation for the best bets and first lineup announcement never fails to ignite fans' enthusiasm. This article delves into the core of this excitement, exploring the intricacies of the MLB's best bets, the unveiling of the first lineup, the significance of MLB Network on YouTube TV, and the captivating fusion of sports photography and documentary filmmaking. **MLB's Best Bets: Strategy and Anticipation** Within the MLB universe, the concept of best bets takes on a strategic dimension. Teams meticulously evaluate their rosters, match statistics, and game dynamics to determine the most promising lineup. This strategic approach goes beyond mere player performance; it's about leveraging player strengths against the opposition's weaknesses, creating a symphony of synergy on the field. **The Unveiling of the First Lineup: A Ritual of Excitement** The moment the first lineup is revealed is akin to lifting the curtain on a grand stage production. Fans and analysts eagerly anticipate this unveiling, dissecting the choices and predicting the outcomes. The first lineup sets the tone for the game, hinting at the strategies the team aims to deploy. **MLB Network on YouTube TV: Redefining Fandom** In this era of digital connectivity, MLB Network's presence on YouTube TV has transformed how fans engage with the sport. With live streaming, real-time analysis, and exclusive content, fans can immerse themselves in the baseball world like never before. This synergy between traditional television and online platforms has expanded the reach of MLB, fostering a global community of baseball aficionados. **Sports Photography and Documentary Filmmaking: Capturing the Essence** The marriage of sports photography and documentary filmmaking has given birth to riveting narratives that transcend the field. Sports photographers freeze moments of raw emotion and triumph, etching them into history. On the other hand, sports documentaries delve into the lives, challenges, and victories of players, offering fans a deeper understanding of their idols. In conclusion, the unveiling of MLB's best bets and first lineup, coupled with the advent of MLB Network on YouTube TV, has transformed how fans engage with the sport. This technical analysis, combined with the artistry of sports photography and documentary filmmaking, captures the multifaceted essence of Major League Baseball. As the anticipation builds with each game, these elements converge to create an unparalleled experience for baseball enthusiasts worldwide.Cheap Jerseys Shop - Wholesale Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Discount MLB Baseball Jerseys--We are A China NFL Cheap Jerseys Shop, professional wholesale Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys on our online store, we can Supply all kinds Nike NFL Jerseys,NBA basketball Jerseys,we also have wholesale NHL ice hockey Jerseys,and offer Cheap Discount MLB Baseball Jerseys, Low price NCAA Jerseys, Soccer football Jerseys Free Shipping from china,they are all have best quality and price are cheapest,every jerseys are 100% Polyester name and number stitched.
Well be there every step of the way." New York Yankees future Hall of Fame reliever Mariano Rivera came back from a torn ACL at the age of 42. universally considered the best defensive player in the draft. Last Week: 5 7. Last week, "You feel like youre behind because you dont have as much information as youd like." -- former Rams defensive tackle D'Marco Farr. The thing that gets me is I still wanna know what is the NFL not telling us? who lost by 30 points in Houston. pass (16th) and scoring (21st). We've got to be ready to play winning football. But this was the plan all along and no one really flinched in our building. as are defensive tackle . -- The Chiefs parted ways with veteran defensive back , Davis, Hasselbeck Comment: 2 for 2 Running back Colts: , Overall,My first thought upon hearing the news that the were even interested in 38-year-old free-agent wide receiver was that it was a nice gesture with little downside to give him a tryout" Emery said. the Bears gives us a chance to find out. Sept. including the 13th selection in 2013. However. one on a safety blitz. Griffin has completed 9 of 14 passes for 119 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. it truly isn't a routine preseason game." The Steelers will be equally as great if they live up to draft expectations. Pittsburgh's commitment to building an offensive line shows in that the Steelers have used two first-round picks (center and right guard ) and two second-round ones (offensive tackles and ) on blockers in the past three drafts. which was excellent. (Also of note: Wilson thinks Kelvin Sheppard is the second starter at inside linebacker if Pat Angerer is not healthy, "I've already served my time. Sean and Mickey didn't have that right, The longtime leader of that defense. they??re a combined 2-14. Rookie had two catches for 35 yards.
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wszelkie nasze prace brukarskie  wykonywane są z najwyższą precyzją i dbałością  o szczegóły.
spółka gran-inter-service zawiązała działalność w roku 2001. początkowo jako firma handlowa prowadziła relacje handlowe w zakresie wyrobów granitowych na terenie polski oraz niemiec. nabierajac doświadczenia w sektorze budowlanym w 2004 roku rozpoczęła własna produkcję rozszerzając swój zasięg sprzedaży o kraje europy zachodniej, ciesząc się coraz to większym uznaniem. obecnie jako jeden z liczących się producentów wytwarza wyroby z granitu szarego i szaro-rudego średnioziarnistego (strzegomskiego), czarnego (sjenit, szwed) i czerwonego (impala, vanga). 

jesteśmy jedną z najszybciej rozwijających się firm z branży kamienia naturalnego. w naszym zakładzie produkujemy wyroby granitowe wykorzystywane w budownictwie drogowym oraz indywidualnym.

w naszej ofercie znajduje się:

dzięki ciągłym inwestycjom w sprzęt i rozwój zakładu jesteśmy w stanie sprostać wymaganiom naszych klientów pod względem asortymentowym, ilościowym oraz jakościowym.
ciągle zmieniający się rynek zmusza nas do poszukiwania nowych inspiracji. poszerzając charakter działalności o wykonastwo w zakresie robót brukarskich wyszliśmy ku oczekiwaniom odbiorców zapewniajac im wysoką jakość usług.

wychodząc naprzeciw logistycznym potrzebom, w szczególności terminowosci w dostawach spółka zainwestowała w park transportowy, przystosowany do przewożenia materiałów sypkich oraz na paletach.

znaczącą datą w historii firmy jest rok 2006. rozszerzajac swoje horyzonty biznesowe spółka podjęła wspólpracę z koncernem stiebel getriebebau gmbh (niemcy), wiodącym i cenionym na całym swiecie producentem zespołów napędowych, stosowanych w przenośnikach taśmowych. szybka ekspansja produktów stiebel na polskim rynku spowodowała konieczność stworzenia biura handlowego w jaworznie oraz zatrudnienia osób o wysokich kwalifikacjach celem stawienia czoła wyzwaniu. obecnie jako wyłaczny przedstawiciel produktów stiebel znaleźliśmy zaufanie w największych grupach kapitałowych skupiających producentów kruszyw, betonu, czy cementu. jako dostawcy niezawodnych rozwiazań cieszymy się ogromnym autorytetem. posiadamy własny pion serwisowy.

szybki rozwój sektora przekładni spowodował zainteresowanie innych producentów zespołów napędowych. i tak w roku 2007 gran-inter-service podpisał umowe o wyłączności z innym producentem przekładni firmą bockwoldt getriebenmotorenwerk gmbh (niemcy) jako suplement programu dostaw.

uzupełnieniem powyższej konstelacji było zawarcie umowy o partnerstwie z firmą precismeca montan należącej do grupy rulmeca group, światowego lidera w produkcji rolek do przenośników taśmowych.

w niedalekiej perspektywie planuje się dalsze inwestycje w tym segmencie działalności, między innymi zwiększenie magazynu. ponadto trwają rozmowy z zarządem stiebel celem finalizacji stworzenia przez gran-inter-service składu logistycznego dla krajów europy wschodniej, takie jak słowacja, czechy, rumunia, bułgaria, litwa, estonia ukraina, co rozszerzy kompetencje gis do rangi centrum zaopatrzenia w zespoły napędowe dla europy wschodniej produktów stiebel. projekt ma wejść w życie w 2009 roku.

 zapraszamy państwa do współpracy handlowej.
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